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Our Networks

Our servers are housed in secured, managed hosting facilities within a 24 hour operations center staffed by server experts. All technicians are able to troubleshoot any problems in our network 24 hours a day. The facility has its own generator, and have backup battery systems capable of running each node indefinitely, on top of redundant AC systems. We are building a network where all data will have redundancy to prevent any lost of data from hardware failures.

Our servers are located in McLean, Virginia, just across the bridge from Washington DC. Our host has been around since March of 1995, possessing a wealth of network management experience. The backbone is connected through GNAPS to several other locations including Equinix where it peers with major networks and has transit connections. The GNAPS backbone is an expansion of the backbone built between 1997-2001. It has been expanded by GNAPS to operate on full OC-48 connections, and to include backup transit to other networks including Qwest, BTN, and Global Crossing. Our primary provider is GNAPS with a total of 2gb/s and multiple redundant backup connections to BTN. There's currently plenty of excess capacity in the network to serve the needs of all our users.

Our servers are guaranteed an uptime of 99.9%.

We constantly monitor our servers and the network we are on to ensure that all customers will get optimal speeds and uptime.

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