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Who we are

AnimeHive.com is started by real anime fans. We understand your frustrations, your needs, as well as your requirements. Having been fans for many years, we can see the frustration when it comes to getting anime. We had created AnimeHive.com just to solve those problems and frustrations. You would no longer have to queue or wait for your downloads to start, or spend needless hours searching for that elusive release. We will do the hardwork for you! All you have to do is sit back and relax while downloading. We had also strived to create a community where people can come and interact and share their views. In short, we are you!

What we do

AnimeHive is an internet service for anime fans. We are basically a hosting company for anime related digital media. We provide the platform, utilising the most appropriate technology and security to suit your needs. We understand all the frustrations and troubles an anime fan has to go through to satisfy that lingering thirst. Therefore, to make life simple for you, we take on the troubles ourselves, so that you can have a hassle-free and easy time in getting new releases. Just download and watch. No more searching!

Our Vision, Mission and goal

Our Vision is to be the "Anime Internet" - a one-stop solution for all your anime needs.

Our Mission is to provide anime fans with the best, hassle-free and complete anime experience - besides taking away your challenges and frustrations, we strive to improve our service and our infrastructure as needed to ensure a most pleasant downloading experience.

Our Goal is to fulfill your growing anime needs through our continuous efforts to make your downloading time at AnimeHive.com a very unique experience.

Why choose AnimeHive

  • You are the reason for our existence.
  • Your needs and wishes are our command.
  • Your one-stop place for the latest updates and downloads.
  • Login, Download, Play.
  • A Unique Service created just for you.

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